• 2011 so far...

    20. Nov. 2011, 10:31 von yulquen

    Active Child - You Are All I See

    This is an absolutely gorgeous record. Vocally, Grossi switches seamlessly between, well, a normal-pitched singer and an angelic choirboy to stunning effect. Musically, there are strands of M83 (when he was good still…) and you could loosely categorise this as dream-pop, but Grossi draws from so many different genres (check out the r‘n’b stylings on ‘Playing House’) that it stands completely apart from the competition. The use of his harp adds a whole new layer of dreaminess to the mix and sits in nice contrast to the electronic beats underlying his work. Stunning, stunning, stunning.


    Africa HiTech - 93 Million Miles

    I find 93 Million Miles a bit underwhelming. It’s quite rhythm-heavy but the rhythms generally sit in a muddy patch between the hypnotic effect of minimal techno and the juicy complexity of ‘IDM’. I thoroughly enjoyed my first half a dozen listens, don’t’ get me wrong, but I haven’t felt inspired to revisit it much since. …