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Nasty Nuns


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First of all: This is just a short biography about a few facts of our young career. No partys, no drug
stories, no excesses and no women. You could imagine it anyway!
Founded in the year 2005 from Nikki Nine, Mr. Evil & Vic Nasty the very first days of the band were dominated by many problems.
Finally in the beginning of 2010 the actual line up was found with Vight behind the drums and Julez Gun for the killer vocals
Now the Nasty Nuns started rehearsing and songwriting. Almost at the same time the five sleaze rockers started to record the bands’ first EP „Too Much Is Never Enough“. The first gig with the current line up was in

february 2010 at the backstage club in munich and went on to a great success for the band. The band played a few more gigs among other things with Emil Bulls & Shameless. After that the band returned to the studio to finish the recordings of the EP, which was released
in october 2010. It followed an incredible releaseparty at a sold out venue and a short tour with gigs in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany with cool bands like Pussy Sister & Star Rats. Now we’re heading out for the world!!!!!



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