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Namosh (* 1981) is a Singer, Performer, Musican and Producer with a Zaza Backround.
Since 1999 he is living and working in Berlin.

His first official outbursts were the Song „PICKED UP FLOOZY“ on the Compilation „BERLIN INSANE“ (oct.2003)
and his following Debut-EP entitled „NAMOSH“ -Vinyl only - and internet now (april 2004).
Both released via Pale Music.

In 2004 he moved over to Bungalow Records and released „COLD CREAM“ 12“ ( jan. 2005),

„THE PULSE“ 12“ (sep.2005) and his Debut full-length Album „MOCCATONGUE“ (july 2006)

In 2007 the Group MIT asked Namosh to produce and co-arrange their Debut-Album „CODA“ (out on Haute Areal, march 2008)

A limited Book-CD „SCHOCKO & CO“ with five original Drawings and
4 Audio-Tracks between Music and Radio-Plays came out on Mimas Atlas / Hybriden Verlag (oct.2007).

Namosh wrote the Music of the Song „Black Sand“ for Jessie Evans.
It’s just out on her Debut-Album „IS IT FIRE?“ on Fantomette Records (march 2009).

On the Song „ROMY“ he collaborated with Frau Kraushaar for her Debut-Album
„LE SALON IS VERY MORBIDÄ“ (Labelship/Popup, april 2009)

His second full-length Album „KEEP IT FOR LATER“ will be out on the 2nd of October 2009
on CD & Double-Vinyl with Gatefold-Silkscreen-Cover
on Crippled Dick Hot Wax! , Berlin.
The Album has been 2 Years in the making and will feature a dear Collaboration with the Composer Peter Thomas.




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