It Still Moves

ATO Records
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9. Sep. 2003
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    Titel     Dauer Hörer
1 Mahgeetah 7:08 66.460
2 Dancefloors 5:15 78.915
3 Golden 4:51 117.014
4 Master Plan 4:40 34.355
5 One Big Holiday 5:56 152.550
6 I Will Sing You Songs 8:38 75.229
7 Easy Morning Rebel 5:09 59.631
8 Run Thru 9:35 67.227
9 Rollin' Back 7:51 26.250
10 Just One Thing 3:13 59.302
11 Steam Engine 7:31 60.573
12 One In The Same 6:23 48.153

Über dieses Album

It Still Moves is the third album by the rock band My Morning Jacket. The album garnered positive reviews and is often considered the band’s best work alongside Z. The song „Run Thru“ is included in Rolling Stone’s „100 Greatest Guitar Songs“. The album also marks the first appearance of drummer Patrick Hallahan.

The album cover and art work for It Still Moves shows one of the giant stuffed bears that are always displayed on stage when the band performs live. Drummer Patrick Hallahan told Rolling Stone magazine that “ our spirit animal guides. They make sure we’re going in the right direction.“

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