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    November 2010
  • rifatattamimi

    she`s cute!

    August 2010
  • xerlly

    Hey ppl, we need to change the current picture, soon. It's been on for a looong time.

    Juli 2010
  • yekaterinburg

    fist song heard was "private eyes", still the favorite one

    Mai 2010
  • MYV-Totinona

    I have to say, totally my cup of tea! First time listening to them~

    Dezember 2009
  • LacesOutGarrett

    Still the best $3 I ever spent. Sad to see there aren't many more shouts from when I posted here about 2 years ago :|

    September 2009
  • xerlly please everyone vote for the promotional picture of her new single :D

    März 2009
  • qubec2

    Hello, Again and Man & Woman

    November 2008
  • xerlly

    I discovered them quite recently and they're good!!!!! the picture needs to change though.

    Oktober 2008
  • fieldofview88

    Hello, againが一番有名なのに再生数は一番じゃないんですね。

    August 2008
  • finkk

    Hello, Again ~昔からある場所~が聴きたくなってベスト借りてきました。やっぱりイイ曲ですね…good songs never fade away

    März 2008
  • Ushiroyubi

    yes! evergreen nearly broke 3M. you must've found it used at BOOK-OFF. it's such a great album! hope you like it! oh yeah, please vote for the new pic. lol

    September 2007
  • LacesOutGarrett

    I saw evergreen for $3 at a Japanese book store and picked it up on a whim after seeing Takeshi Kobayashis name on it (I really like his work with Salyu), and yup, i certainly made a good choice. I didn't know they were that big, I read somewhere that evergreen sold around 3 million copies?

    September 2007
  • vincent1394

    I voted.But it says that need 10+ votes...

    Juli 2007
  • Ushiroyubi

    please vote for the new image. お願いします!

    Juni 2007
  • BakaHirata

    Funny how that works.

    April 2007
  • Ushiroyubi

    They were once very very popular. now... so quiet here. >_>

    April 2007