In the year 2003 he started as Drum & Bass DJ and a little later he did his first steps in electronic music producing.He was inspired by artists like the FullCycle Crew, True Playaz, Twisted Individual and a lot of other heads. He played at various parties in- and outside of thuringia as a member of the former BASSRAUSCH CREW.

After all he moved to Potsdam,Germany in 2005, where he came in contact with music. Quit flashed about this new and fresh stuff, he started to make suchlike beats. Since midyear 2007 he almost exclusively produces .

In winter 2008, he foundet the -projekt submodulation togehter with TKR. Additionally he made he made some music productions in collaboration withThe Next and Phokus from Hamburg.

In the Meantime he played at different parties in Potsdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and thuringia. He’s kicking the audience with his own phat and reggae influenced wooble sound at every dancefloor he played! the country.

Ghostship - sozialistischer plattenbau( Ger ) / Vinyl
Screamer feat. TKR - fake ID ( Ger ) / Digi
Chemical Assault - fake ID ( Ger ) / Digi
Let Me Tell Ya - Barish Records ( Ger ) / Digi
Dubcake feat TKR - Barish Records ( Ger ) / Digi
Big Up feat Phokus & TKR - Scrub a Dub ( UK ) / Vinyl
The Infect feat Phokus - Police In Hellicopter ( Ger ) / Vinyl
Chillaxing feat. Bassdrad - Bassclash Records ( UK ) / Digi
Slicka feat TKR - Bassclash Records ( UK ) / Digi
Serial Killer feat TKR - Bassclash Records ( UK ) / Digi


Scrub a Dub / P.I.H. / fake ID / sozialistischer plattenbau / BARISH

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  • Potsdam,Germany
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