„Morbid Tales“ from Bremen / Bremerhaven have even the melodic- thrash- metal associated with classical music and impressive two areas of the metal genre made here. Here was an innovative liquid structure between melodic metal and thrash metal, but other styles of music not clearly excluded, but included were cleverly and succinctly.
„Morbid Tales“ convince an intelligent symbiosis between quiet melodic share linked to true hardness, fast, power-grooves and catchy vocals.
The 6-member crew formed from various local bands such as; Megiddo, Silk99, Mowha and TheNowNoise! since February 2011 and consists of 1 guitars, 2 keyboards, bass, violin, drums and vocals.
The basic building block has already laid some 20 years ago under the name „Megiddo“ and from 2006 in the concept of „Morbid Tales“ implemented. The band has released to date under the name „Megiddo“ 2Longplayer and an EP in-house production, and by the name „Morbid Tales“ the album „Psychotic Mind Dance“ is in 2007, also published in-house production, and the brand new current EP „Come Inside“. The 4 connected intelligent melodic- thrash- metal anthems show that you can pack different styles of music very well impressively under a hat and present.
The themes are often about social and marginal social and marginal areas are usually marked by loneliness, anger, pain and anxiety and mental lapses that can only write the real life.
Even when playing live it to understand the „morbid storyteller“ able to convince.
This they have named bands such as broken; made Ektomorf / Martin Ceseci ‘/ Die Apokalyptischen Reiter / etc. on many live events have demonstrated.
„Morbid Tales“ will start at the beginning of 2011 the next album and will pick up seamlessly where the current EP „Come Inside“ fades.
An absolute must for every music lovers of the quiet metal fan and hard sounds.
This band must for every CD shelf. Here one must be forced measure the motto of the brand-new and current follow-EP „Come Inside“;
„Come Inside and have a look“ - „Welcome Inside on the other side“

Vocals: Michael Köster
Lead Guitar: Kai Schmidt
Rhythm Guitar: Christian Koop
Violin/Keyboards: Mandy Seidel
Bass: Rolf „Werrolf“ Lange
Drums: René Kaminsky
Keyboards: Colin Steinberg

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