Five Years (5:53)

Cover von Of Malice and the Magnum Heart

Aus Of Malice and the Magnum Heart

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I've seen it in your eyes. Looks like you're stinking and of your lies. They did catch up with you this time. I swear I heard you say "blood is forever, Love is forever." And I can fool myself all that I want, but I saw the room, I heard your voice, I saw your eyes. The truth will always get the best of you, inside or out. It took me two years to find that I've wasted five years of my life. Felt the truth within you and I saw red. I guess we are, we offer our goodbyes. What wasted time. I always hoped somehow it'd never happen to us. But it is something that did and something I can't forget. And after all of our times, you fucking did what you did. This was days and weeks, days and weeks of deceit, it was days and weeks of deceit. You turned and walked away. You say you'd be back tomorrow. Well tomorrow has come and gone. Looks like you're choking on all those lies, they did catch up to you this time. I swear I heard you say, "blood is forever." Well it seems "forever" meant nothing. To you, it meant nothing. "Forever" meant nothing. To you, it meant nothing. But I swear I heard you say "blood is forever."

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