Reality Distortion (Originally By Disrupt) (3:26)

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Behind walls of lies the plain truth,which some attempt to deny and hide, reality's grip is slowly loosened, images falsified The media shit has you brainwashed. Open your eyes, stop being blind, you clearly see the horrors are real, miserable conditions, agony prolonged, yet you ignore the pain they feel. Their propaganda has fucked your mind. Chickens debeaked, chicks are smothered, pigs are starved, bulls castrated,veal cows fed hormones, antibiotics, female cows constantly impregnated. Man's tyranny over other living beings cannot be justified or proven safe, people starve while doomed cows eat what could be theirs, factory farms are modern day concentration camps. The conditions these animals are raised in are inhumane and extremely cruel, forget these fairytale images that the media has so conveniently led you to beleive, they are reared to live and eventually die in misery, they've put family farms out of business, you prophet from the animals suffering so its up to you and I to stop the torture!!!

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