• [146] Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (1969)

    25. Jun. 2009, 11:04 von Llorenza

    Miles DavisIn A Silent Way

    In previous journals about Miles Davis, I have admired Miles Davis and I have realized his talent for making hard things sound simple, but the music itself never got any further than beautiful background music for me.

    The good news is that this album changes that. The music is again very much ideal as background music on dinner parties, but it touches a string with me, and in this way becomes an album I actively listen to with pleasure. Blood, Sweat & Tears showed it already: there is some change in the jazz music, with influences from the rock scene. Of course the master of jazz Miles Davis knows this too. Electric sounds are introduced: electric pianos and an electric guitar. To put it simply: this is music that is just more my cup of tea. Especially the guitar sound of the beginning and the end of In a Silent Way/It's About That Time is slightly fantastic (breathing out an atmosphere of desolation). …