Michael Hoffmann
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7. Apr. 2009
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1 crazy monkeys kostenloser Download 8:57 37
2 magnetosphere kostenloser Download 8:23 39
3 re-motion kostenloser Download 11:23 16
4 la meteo kostenloser Download 8:11 28
5 iceberg kostenloser Download 8:03 27
6 quite now kostenloser Download 8:49 7
7 frost kostenloser Download 9:30 26

Über dieses Album

Michael Hoffmann - FROST

1. crazy monkeys
2. magnetosphere
3. re-motion
4. la meteo
5. iceberg
6. quiet now
7. frost

Michael Hoffmann: drums, perc, keys, vox, electronics, beat-programming, sound-design
* all tracks composed, recorded, mixed and produced by michael hoffmann
* photography & cover design by michael hoffmann
* copyright 2006 by michael hoffmann
* released 21.09.2007 @ LEGOEGO
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative 2.0 Germany License.


FROST, is slowly covering. Laughing about that „summer“. The fall seems to become a myth of another worlds history. Magnetic fields are moving. Seasons are fusioning. We feel that. After „Ceci N’est Pas Beaux Art“ (LEGO203; a modern band project) we present you music from a band-player. Michael Hoffmann who usually acts as drummer, „the Metronoman“ in several bands and projects. After his last collaboration with Philipp Weigl (Autoplate; APL048) Michael transports his knowledge and experiences from all his jams and studio works as a drummer and producer into a solo „LP“ for the first time. The result is a sound-universe conditioned by the dynamics between icy pads, cryptic vocal and field-recording-fragments on the one hand and jazzy keys, funky pitched synths, strings and guitars floating
above complex beat structures on the other. Enough words … Tune in if your heart is still beating!



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