2. Jun. 2010, 12:03 von DJ_Fleming

    Catastrophe, apocalypse, doom.
    These are the obvious and often related categories referring to what is the frame for the following playlist: the giant and disastrous oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. As I've been watching the BP-streamed covering of the underwater scenes from the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico the last few days for quite some time, this playlist can serve as a kind of a soundtrack to. So you may be adviced to take a look while listening:


    As well as the origin of the pictures you see on this web page – they are filmed by so called 'remotely operated vehicles', i.e. by inhuman machines linked to someone sitting at a joystick by a cable – as well as the nature of these pictures is a mechanic, decided unnatural one, some of the tunes bring to mind the idea of a mechanized world wherein most of people's daily activities is dominated by computers…