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Although their true identities remained for many years a closely guarded secret, no small thanks in part to the black hoods the trio has always worn, the outrageous, politically incorrect scumbag Porn-Core Rock band the MENTORS, Guitarist Sickie Wifebeater, Bassist Dr Heathen and Vocalist/ Drummer El Duce formed in Seattle during 1977. The Mentors relocated to Los Angeles during Spring 1979.

The Mentors debut release, the ‘Trash Bag’ EP was unveiled by Mystic Records in 1983.
„Live At The Whiskey / Cathay De Grande“ followed in 1984.

The Classic Record ‘You Axed For It’, Was released by the Metal Blade offshoot Death Records in 1985. This outing quickly became notorious, hosting as it did the MENTORS infamous tune ‘Four F Club’ („Find Her, Feel Her, Fuck Her, Forget Her“) Signing to Death/Metal Blade Record label increased the MENTORS notoriety (or infamy, depending on how you view it) The 1985 Congress hearings orchestrated by Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) interest group which sought to censor nearly every pop, rock, and rap recording artist. The Mentors caught the attention of the PMRC with their song, “Golden Showers”, prompting a reading of some of its lyrics on the Congressional floor and inducing peals of uncontrolled laughter from those present.

The Mentors Death/Metal Blade Records “Up The Dose” was released in 1986 featuring the Classic songs “Heterosexuals have the Right to Rock and S.F.C.C…

The 1990 the MENTORS album, „Rock Bible“, On Mentor Records.




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