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Matthew Tavis Johnson


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Matthew Tavis Johnson is a self taught pianist that composes beautiful new-age melodies said to sound like a combination of Jim Brickman and David Lanz; with an extra hint of emotion. Piano is Matt’s life, and way of self expression.

Matthew Tavis Johnson was born on December 30, 1982. The California native got his start on the piano when he was 4, poking around with 1 finger, wondering what you were supposed to do with so many white and black keys. Matt was initially motivated by his father, who also plays professionally. Seeing how happy people were while listening to his father; and not quite able to understand how the piano could produce such complicated yet beautiful sounds, Matt went on a quest to gain an understanding. Matt was unfortunately separated from his father at age 5, but continued to play through his childhood without any formal lessons. Matt began experimenting with writing his own material at age 14.

At age 18, his first CD of orginal compositions titled „A Brighter View“ was created, an album showing the potential of what Matt ‘could’ be. His next album recorded soon after named „Counterclockwise“ showed great improvement; both in terms of accuracy as well as creative ability.

Now at 24, his talent and understanding of the piano have flourished, and allowed him to compose beautiful melodies that people of all ages can relate with and enjoy. His 2006 Album „Reach for the Sky“ has received great reviews and has sold well. The highly anticipated „Walk With Me“ album was released in April of 2007, and is an album of an intense variety of emotions.



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