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  • smoker05


    Juli 2014

    10,000 Reasons is the best ever christian song! Bless The Lord :)

    Februar 2014
  • Whelanmk

    Yeah, just that the title track appears in a lot of compilations while the others don't so much

    April 2013
  • ManticoreAmI

    10,000 Reasons has a lot of good songs besides the title track, more people should check those out I think.

    Februar 2013
  • Whelanmk

    it's a new day dawning

    Dezember 2012
  • AudreyLWeilert

    love it

    Juni 2012
  • dynamiczna

    10,000 Reasons <3 Wonderful music and...everything..omg. *.*

    März 2012
  • Whelanmk

    #12 in the UK chart! Well done Mr Redman and LZ7, fantastic cause.

    März 2012
  • xGoatboyx

    November 2011
  • MrMaikii

    Be blessed!

    September 2011
  • mklinsao

    Love Christian music! n_n

    Juli 2011
  • colsdiaz

    Juni 2011
  • josh2fresh check this out :)

    Oktober 2010
  • MegaDoug

    i LOVE this guy!

    September 2010
  • FaithFreaks

    Faith: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen Freak: someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it could resemble an addiction. So..are you a Faith Freak? Check out * * * *

    Juli 2010
  • tanya_44

    Love and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ with us, who love Him :)

    März 2010
  • josh2fresh check this out :)

    Januar 2010
  • Adriariccitelli

    One of my favorites worship singers,,,, God Bless you Matt !!

    Juni 2009
  • Andruinn

    Posted some information about Redman in Russian...hope the translation from WIKI is ok

    Mai 2009
  • sandlund

    The new album "Sacred love" out now! Go to to check it out!

    April 2009
  • J2carolina

    I'm so glad He never lets go even when we do. Thank you Jesus

    April 2009
  • DannieDMoney

    i never knew "blessed be your name" was originally by him. i had always listened to the tree 63 version. i love that song. i also adore "you never let go"

    April 2009
  • gabifrancesrose

    Your music is the reason I found Jesus, I love Him so much, He is my one my all!!!!!! It would be great if anyone could get intouch, it would help improve me faith!

    März 2009
  • Cy777

    You Never Let Go really touches my soul; it's a comforting balm when nothing else works.

    Dezember 2008
  • sandlund

    Hey! Go check out the album "Diamond no 1" ""; available on iTunes, Amazon and other stores! A new album is on the way and will be released in march!

    Dezember 2008
  • TwoChr169

    Just discovered this site...have been wanting some great worship music at home.

    Dezember 2008
  • leojmagno

    True Christian you have "The Heart of Worshiping" our GOD and you "Shine".... God bless...

    November 2008
  • ReviseReform

    Hi new here don't know what I'm doing yet - want to put a list on my blog re vis.e re form.

    Oktober 2008
  • LivingforChrist

    Amazing Song! One of my favorites! It so good to know that God never lets go of us no matter where we go or what we go through. He will always be there holding on to us.

    September 2008
  • travisryan

    I love this band! Check out some of my tunes and let me know what you think! tR

    September 2008
  • jaharis

    I didn't know this artist exsited untill I asked the worship team at the summercamp I go to where they learned the song you never let go. now he's one of my fave artists! He realy puts some thought into what he's writing, and it's all for God.

    September 2008
  • mattosk

    It's all about you Jesus!

    Oktober 2007
  • Nina_Grind

    September 2007
  • mannieschumpert

    In my opinion, the most thoughtful of the pop worship artists.

    August 2007
  • shawnw

    Hey everyone, be sure and join the official Matt Redman group at !

    Juni 2007
  • qaboral3

    this is HOT!

    Mai 2006