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Martin Gordon


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Martin Gordon began his career in the Seventies with the Californian band Sparks, who found initial fame in the UK with hits ‘ This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us ’ and ‘ Amateur Hour ’ from their 1974 ‘ Kimono My House ’ album. Following his dismissal from Sparks for reading the newspaper while rehearsing, he moved swiftly on and formed Jet (described by All Music Guide as ‘the first supergroup of glam’). They were also described as ‘clambering aboard the glam-rock bandwagon just before the sparkly wheels fell off and deposited the occupants in the cosmic ditch’. You can take your choice.

Jet featured Gordon, singer Andy Ellison and drummer Chris Townson from legendary proto-punks John’s Children, along with equally legendary acid-casualty guitar hero Davey O’List. They released a solitary, eponymous album (working with Queen- and Foreigner-producer Roy Thomas Baker), toured as support to Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson and then dissolved in a welter of ill-feeling and lack of interest. In recent years however, the ‘Jet ’ album and a latter-day companion disc ‘More Light Than Shade’, have been well received by critics and have established Jet as the missing link between glam and punk rock.

After the demise of Jet, the main participants (songwriter/bassist Gordon and singer Ellison) reconvened as Radio Stars. The band achieved a modicum of success with hit single ‘ Nervous Wreck’ and two well-received albums ‘(Songs for Swinging Lovers ’ and ‘Holiday Album’, both reissued on CD in 2006), but Gordon was ousted (from his own band, my life already!) in a dental coup in 1980.



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    "Jagger, at that time fully bearded, took me to one end of the control room and erratically strummed an acoustic guitar in my ear." - An erstwhile member of Sparks, Jet and Radio Stars, Martin Gordon shares some fascinating stories from across his 40 years in music, including what he got up to in Paris with The Rolling Stones in '79: http://www.songfacts.com/blog/interviews/martin_gordon/

    17. Jun., 14:03 Antworten