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Marc Miroir


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Marco Spiegel, alias Marc Miroir was born in Würzburg in 1975. Music has always been his great passion. Already in elementary school he is fascinated of radio music, so that he listens to diverse radio shows all night long. At the age of 12 he buys his first records, in order to listen to them on the record player of his parents. His sense of music changes during the next 3 years from pop/EBM to hip hop. Of course, the two 1210s and a mixer must not be missed. Just at this time he learns to mix, to scratch and other Dj skills. In 1991/92 Würzburg is gripped by a techno/trance wave, and it is entering the Club Airport. Thus, also he is infected by the techno fever and all records of this formerly new music style have to be bought.

1993 – 1995:
First of all Marc plays at smaller techno events, school and private parties. Here the contact with the eventcrew “Future Worx”, that organizes the best techno parties and raves in and around Würzburg outside the Airport, begins. At these events he plays as resident Dj in many clubs in Würzburg and big events in the administrative district. Creating a mass appeal in no time, also the Airport pays attention to him, by what he turns the tables in the legendary Noise Club of the “old” Airport at regular intervals. From now on, everything develops at high speed, and Marc gets the chance to play in other cities like Nürnberg or Bayreuth. He becomes resident in the “Zone”, the number one scene-lounge in Würzburg at this time, and on New Year´s Eve 1995 he plays in the big club of the new Airport for the first time.




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