Nowadays its hard to find an artist with his own unique musical script. The Leipzig based DJ & producer Marc DePulse is one of these rare artists, who found his roots in the early childhood while taking lessons in accordeon, later finishing his A – Levels in music and joining the school choir for about 7 years (to keep the truth: his interest was not to sing – just looking for the girls;) ).

In this time, 1999, he got in touch first with music production . Contrary to most other DJs, Marc started playing club music on vinyl three years later.

Infact digital outputs will be the future medium the next years. But for the Leipzig based producer Marc DePulse vinyl will stay the main medium, because he loves to save the 12” feeling on the floor and keeps the black beauty alive.

Going step to step Marc is now taking off into the next generation. With his debut single on Kiddaz.FM Records and the next outputs on Ostwind Records, Bondage Music and BluFin Rec. he shows a huge sound spectrum combined in several expressions of minimal electronic music - always being up to date with the dancefloor.

Supported by many top jocks, Marcs smashing release “P.S. you rock” (BluFin Rec.) kept rank 1 for about four weeks now in techno charts and will be repressed on vinyl the forth time now…

Touched by sounds of Spektre, Super Flu, Dubfire, Marascia or Popof, Marc did release his first mix-CD which appeared in october 2008 on ZYX Music. According to the new releases we are proud to tell, that Marcs intention is to establish a live - act in the upcoming months.

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