Magrudergrind began in September of 2002. This District of Columbia powerviolence/grindcore trio self released their first demo/EP entitled “Don’t Support Humanitary Aid That’s Led By The Church” in a months time. After selling out of these extremely quickly and receiving a tremendous positive response, they wrote, recorded, and self released their second CD EP six months later, entitled “Religious Baffle.” In the summer of ’03 they embarked on two tours, one two week tour in the South Eastern US and one two week tour in the North Eastern US. In late ’03 they recorded five tracks for their split 7” with Vomit Spawn on Militant-Records (Los Angeles, CA) and split tape with Akkolyte on Death, Agony, and Screams Records (Baltimore, MD). In the summer of ’04 Magrudergrind went out on a two month full US tour which involved dates in Mexico and Canada. This tour was booked entirely DIY by the band. After returning home from tour, they found a home for their eight track debut EP 7” on Punks Before Profits Records (Rochester, NY). Before the next summer in ‘05, they managed to pump out three split EP’s. These included a split EP with west coast powerviolence / grind veterans Godstomper which was released on Nuclear BBQ Party Records (Los Angeles, CA) and To Live A Lie Records (Raleigh, NC), a split EP with A Warm Gun which was released on Misfire Records (Washington DC) and McCarthyism Records (Baltimore, MD). While planning their next summer’s hectic non-stop tour schedule, they were contacting by Robotic Empire Records and asked to record for a split LP/CD. They wrote and recorded nine relentless tunes which will be released this upcoming spring ‘06. During the summer of ‘05 they managed to spread their mayhem from coast to coast. Highlights of that summer were two east coast tours, one with Baltimore’s Misery Index and Rotten Sound (Finland), and an appearance at the Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore, MD. In June, barely getting back from their tour, they set out once more with Japanese grinders World Downfall. During August the group went back out on a full US tour, which ended up being an amazing success. In October ‘05 the grinders departed to Europe for a short ten day tour which involved an appearance at the annual Bloodshed Grind Fest in The Netherlands. They have recently released their much anticipated three year discography CD, which compiles everything the band has released to this point. They work hard, yet diligently, for one purpose… to punish your ears with a devastating east coast wall of thrash!!

* Rehashed CD/LP (Six Weeks)
* split CD/LP w/ Shitstorm LP/CD (Robotic Empire Records)
* split 7” w/ Sylvester Staline (Bones Brigade Records)
* Sixty Two Trax of Thrash 2002-2005 Discography CD (Torture Garden Picture Company/To Live A Lie Records/Death, Agony & Screams Records)
* split 7” w/ Sanitys Dawn (Regurgitated Semen Records)
* split 7” w/ Godstomper “A Killer Combo” (Nuclear BBQ Party Records/To Live a Lie Records)
* split 7” w/ A Warm Gun (McCarthyism Records/Misfire Records)
* Owned! 7” (Punks Before Profits Records)
* split tape w/ Akkolyte (Death, Agony, & Screams Records)
* split 7” w/ Vomit Spawn (Militant Records)
* Religious Baffle CD (self-released)
* Dont Support Humanitary Aid thats Led by the Church demo CD-R (self-released)

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