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  • Gueroentexas

    Algún link para descargar algún disco ?

    Februar 2014
  • THee-BeAtNiK

    Wicked stuff. I'm ridiculously late to the party here. [2]

    November 2013
  • _Shorty

    Apparently he's gone on a reply spurt on youtube! Replied to a comment I'd made on the video for But If You Go a while back. Freakin' cool.

    Juni 2012
  • gruny305


    Oktober 2011
  • crysquare

    Love "Hearing Voices in One´s Head"..... Here is a live session with DJ Zero:

    September 2011
  • OLdSKuul62

    Killer Inside Me - Volume compilation series #2 is where I have heard of this group ? Guy , whatever . Good stuff . I need to follow up on this .

    Juli 2011
  • conditionals

    So good. I'm ridiculously late to the party here.

    April 2011
  • loudecibels

    Somewhere on a higher mental plain...

    Februar 2011
  • genex

    Been listening again to this and it's still so good - remember playing it on college radio in the early 90s!

    Januar 2011
  • HumanGame

    I would love to hear what he would output if he were to record a new LP now. Alas, I strongly and unfortunately doubt Mr. Griffin will anytime soon. Long live MC 900 Ft Jesus. Long live Mark Griffin.

    Oktober 2010
  • Banthabrain

    Another really great artist run off from the industry. better to gift a deposit into his bank account.

    Juli 2010
  • saitau

    Damn I haven't heard one of your tracks since back in the day John Peel SHow on UK Radio 1. Was MC 900 FT Jesus and DJ Zero. Must of been about 1989

    Mai 2010
  • Meyoshiam

    @Ron242 just what I was going to say. I heard "Killer Inside Me" once on college radio just before I graduated. Bought "Welcome to my Dream" a few years later,... after DiGGinG for it. Now thanks to the W.W.W. got it again for 8.99. Hope some of these $$'s get back to Mark.

    Mai 2010
  • himay333

    Caught him live once at EndFest '94? 95? He and his band were just amazing!

    April 2010
  • ZarazaDoom

    Welcome to my dream - an eternal classic. Probably the best hip hop album ever, period.

    Januar 2010
  • ernewton

    @zetarik Haha wtf!

    Januar 2010
  • Bonelesss step ahead of the spider is very interessting.

    September 2009
  • zetarik

    This is the one way to True Salivation!

    Juli 2009
  • WattoTheJazzman

    I could listen to the backing of new moon for weeks on end and not get tired of it.. love those couple of missing beats!

    Juni 2009
  • Bcinu2

    One of the few, most definately.

    Mai 2009
  • dalelicious

    so smooth.

    Februar 2009
  • Ron242

    Great artist and a big inspiration for the Trip Hop scene. Mark Griffin solely is responsible for the crossover between Hip Hop and what now is known as Trip Hop. Respect!

    Februar 2009
  • djmuse

    Seeing him live was a real treat - DJ Zero was there for the scratches and he played a trumpet at certain points in the show. One of the few benefits of living in OKC at that time - being near Dallas and getting to see MC 900 Ft. Jesus. :)

    Januar 2009
  • winwolf08

    The City Sleeps is creepy, MC 900 Ft Jesus is the only one who I could think of that uses "permeate" in a hip-hop track... It sucks that he didn't get the respect he deserved.

    Dezember 2008
  • conditionals

    Reminds me a lot of Why?.

    Oktober 2008
  • mart-the-mod

    Serious genius. Should be recognised for what he's done for music in general. A lot of well known artists owe him a debt

    September 2008
  • HumanGame

    Bill's Dream.

    August 2008
  • skuzzbunny

    what an interesting list of similar artists!) go MC Nine-Oh-Oh!D

    Juni 2008
  • zineophonic

    This guy is DJing at Lee Harvey's in Dallas on Thursdays.

    April 2008
  • HideoV

    I discovered this group 3 days ago and i just love it!

    April 2008
  • High-C

    I just wish he returned my calls. ; )

    April 2008
  • brandeks

    Gee whiz, if I only had a brain...

    Februar 2008
  • onion_flotilla

    Anyone who likes cheese could not possibly be a chump. Join this group, you won't regret it.

    Januar 2008
  • pieboy

    Just got One Step Ahead of the SPider, mind officially blown. Thank God for MC 9-Oh-Oh.

    Dezember 2007
  • ArmageddonPunk

    If you like/understand german Hip Hop you might also like Rainer Von Vielen

    September 2007
  • duckworth

    Everyone has a little secret he keeps, I light the fires while the city sleeps.

    August 2007
  • Zopwx2


    Juni 2007
  • agoth

    What do you think this is, some kind of joke? Give me ten big-macs and a small diet coke.

    Februar 2007
  • MCBodybag

    Love MC 900 ft. jesus. Adventures in Failure is a staple in my mp3's. Like the Seahawk helmet PhilKensebben. Go Hawks!

    Dezember 2006
  • pieboy

    Adventures in Failure may be one of my all-time favorites. And Truth is out of Style is just beyond compare.

    Juni 2006
  • farbror_traktor

    one step ahead.. is there! JonN's Picks also seems to be there :)

    April 2006
  • draggin

    One of my favorites of all time, still listening to his stuff after all these years. we need one step ahead of the spider in!

    April 2006