Lukas Greenberg definitely is no newcomer in the electronic music scene. He started his career in the early 90ies as a hip hop dj, become 1994 a techno & house dj and played at famous venues like the tresor, 90Grad and KitKat. Quite a lot residencies and years of dance floor experience brought him to own productions which he started on an Atari Mega 2. He founded his label „Synphon Records“ and received remix requests from Peter Schilling amongst others. It’s easy to see that after more than ten years in the business his musical background is based on a broad variety of influences and styles – so is his music and what else than Plastic City could be the perfect platform for the height of his creativity. Last year he had his first appearance at „Play Plastic City“ and his debut EP „Behind Doors“ earlier this year drew attention to this fantastic musician, producer and DJ.

The Play.Plastic City Compilation which has been released worldwide on Oct 10th 2006 features Lukas Greenberg’s latest and indeed brillant deep house track »Ain’t Nobody«. But there is more to Greenberg’s music than just one style: In Summer 2006, his remix of D-Noise’s »Wide Awake But Asleep« on Cobalt Rec. has reached good positions in the salescharts of both Beatport and Juno Rec. (Beatport No. 24, Juno No. 19). In 2007 he made many releases on Plastic City and in September ´07 he released his first Album on Plastic City. The Album calls „Rhode´Stories“ and became in more than 4 countries the Album of the month. It also placed in the Charts (Beatport No. 11)

In general, this busy Berlin guy’s releases using the artist name Lukas Greenberg are basically deep techhouse and electro house. But it was already in the late Eighties that Lukas Greenberg – by that time really wellknown under the name PJ NFX – actually got into djing within the rap scene and the acid house circuit later on. He is deeply rooted in the world of rhythm: Being a drummer, Lukas Greenberg has got a tremendous feeling for complex rhythms others would not be able to deal with at all. That makes him an outstanding and sought-after producer as well as a really good dj, usually playing uplifting house these days while using his excellent mixing skills to please the crowd even more.


Lukas Greenberg - The Green - Plastic City Compilation…out soon 2009
Forteba - Caliphone (L.Greenberg Edit) Plastic City out soon 2009!!
Adam Jace - Jungle Games (L.Greenbergs Cheetah Mix) Thug Rec. out soon 2009!
Lukas Greenberg - The Flash E.P. - Plastic City 08
Sunglasses on the … (L. Greenberg Remix) - Critic Rec 08 out soon!!
D-Flection - Happyness … - Adaptation Rec. 08 out soon!!
Eastman - Shiver (PJ NFX Remix) Mode2Recordings 08
Flaka - Phono lyt (PJ NFX Remix) Mode2Recordings 08
Onur Ozman - Steadiness Remix - Acryl Rec. 08
Lukas Greenberg - Play Box - Plastic City Compilation 08
Agent Matteo - I Know Remix - Deepclass Records 08
Lukas Greenberg - Relations E.P. - Plastic City 08
Budai&Vic - You Just Don’t Know - NoReality Mix - I love Deep Rec. 08
Da Funk - Art of Sound Rmx - Acryl Music 022…08
Dj Vesky - Vivid Rmx - Mode2Recordings …08
Elegia - Stay Low Rmx - Elevation Records …08
The Timewriter - Vintage Circuits RMX - Plastic City …08
Agent Matteo - Keeping Secrets Rmx - Manuscript Rec. …08
Nicolas Vegaz - Filthy Games E.P. - Majestic Traxx 08
Lukas Greenberg - Le Soir - Plastic City Compilation 042 …07
Lukas Greenberg - Rhode’Stories - Plastic City Album …07
Lukas Greenberg - behind doors e.p. - Plastic City …07
Lukas Greenberg - Houzemuzik - Plastic City Compilation …07
Lukas Greenberg – What a day E.P. – Plastic City …07
Lukas Greenberg – Heaven – Plastic City Compilation – …07
Badura f. Layla G. - Keep on (Greenberg remake) deepah…07
The Tenth Stage - Black (Greenberg remix) - crash frequ. vol.3
Nakadia feat. PJ NFX - Adventure e.p. - K.dia Rec. …07
PJ NFX - Hypnotised - Mode2 Recordings out aug …07
Anthony Charlton – Jive on it (LGreenberg Remake) – Cobalt…07
Ahmad Fares – Cruel (PJ NFX Remix) - Oryx Rec. …07
Nakadia - Breakture (greenberg edit) - Djette Compil. Vol.1…07
2people - Run Rinx - Maedchenmusik …07
D-White Noise - Dark Place (LGreenberg mix) oryx rec. …07
Badura - Hold You (LGreenberg Remake) deepah rec. …07
Diva la Disco - Only Music (LGreenberg mix) deepah rec. …07
PJ NFX - ZigZag - Oryx rec. …07
D-White Noise - W.a.b.a. (L. Greenberg Remix) - Cobalt 24 …06
Lukas Greenberg - Ain’t Nobody - Plastic City …06
2 People - The look of Love - Maedchenmusik …06
PJ NFX - Bionic Freak - Piepshow Compilation Vol.1
PJ NFX - Kettenreaktion - Kitkat Compilation Vol.1
NFX - Being Boiled remix - MB006
PJ NFX - Crash it - Kitkat Compilation Vol.1
Peter Schilling - Die Wueste lebt (PJ NFX Remix)
Lukas Greenberg - Pussy Attack e.p. - Synphon Records 02
Lukas Greenberg - Planet Green e.p. - Synphon Records 01

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