Alturas de Macchu Picchu

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1 Del aire al aire 2:15 5.153
2 La poderosa muerte 11:12 6.120
3 Amor Americano 5:26 5.125
4 Aguila Sideral 5:21 4.005
5 Antigua America 6:00 3.430
5 Antigua América 5:38 2.002
6 Sube A Nacer Conmigo Hermano 4:47 7.479
7 Final 2:36 4.005
8 ...Una Sorpresa 0:39 222
9 Sube a Nacer Conmigo Hermano (Bis) 4:58 153

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  • MusicMagic77

    Heights of Machu Picchu is the seventh studio album by the Chilean band Los Jaivas, released in 1981, and probably the most important and popular of his entire discography. In it, the group played music the popular poem by Pablo Neruda, the same title, published in his book General Canto, 1950. (Pablo Neruda's tenth book of poems.) In this poem, the poet sings, overpowered by the greatness of the human creation that he testifies in the ruins of Machu Picchu, in Peru, on the glorious Indian past of Latin America, human misery, death and pain that often causes the majesty in whom forged. The poem is one of the most significant of Neruda's poetry, and music composition by the Jaivas has been regarded as masterful and faithful to the contents of the original work. >> In April 2008, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the album in second place in the 50 best Chilean albums. >> An excellent album! Hats off!

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  • autorretratos


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  • EduMusic


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