• Comments on albums I couldn't wait to get

    18. Dez. 2008, 14:33 von dark_tower


    1. Louisa John-Krol - Djinn: les mystère des chats: 8/10
    While on first listen it could sound a bit undertone, deprived of the melancholic folksy roots of Louisa's previous efforts, this new album is actually very innovative, in both concept and musical production: giving it the name of her own cat - Djinn, obviously - Louisa builds up the world that, according to a popular belief, exists in the eyes of cats, thus creating a quirky and semi-tribal opus, full of magic and chants. Even if not 100% accomplished, the innovativity of Djinn makes up for everything.
    Highlights: Blue Beyond the Sky, Two Cats Return Pomegranate to the Underworld.

    2. Enya - And Winter Came...: 7/10
    Enya's winter album is built in the same vein of the previous work Amarantine, offering a more melodic and almost pop approach to the music. However, the romance and the originality which made Amarantine good are lacking in And Winter Came... that…