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Sascha Kratzer (alias Loopster, born, Mai 11, 1976) is an German musician, singer-songwriter and producer. His music is a wild mixture of fresh samples, drum mashines, synthesizers and sound effects rolling over electronic rock and pop grooves that build the ground for his powerful and sensitiv voice.

Kratzer was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. When his parents separated, Kratzer stayed with his mother and sister. In 1996 he left his home and lived from there on in Karlsruhe where he was getting his first experiences with different bands and projects. In 2004 he funded his production studio Loungery Records where he is producing filmmusic, bands and othe different projects. Kratzer is actually one of the most powerful producers in this area, he combines new kinds of style in arranging wild and powerful music.

In 2002 Kratzer alias Loopster began his solo career as an artist. He began to produce his first promotion album „Not for sale“. In 2004 Pepe Giner began to work with Kratzer on Songs like „Rabbit Tales“ and „Super Grange“. In August 2004 Alexander Ninnig (Drums), Tim Rilke a groovy bass player and the guitar player Helge Henrich (guitars) joined the project. In 2007 they started playing there first livegigs. In 2008 they began to record there first album. It is going to be released in 2009. The Band is now working very close together on new songs, attitudes and sounds.



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