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  • Trev78

    This song was played by John Bunting (serial killer - snowtown murders) to Troy Yude, the step brother of Jamie, who helped Bunting torture and kill him. Very apt as Troy raped Jamie repeatedly when they were younger. "We won't be raped, we won't be scarred like that..." Unfortunately this is how I came to know about this artist and although I like the song, every time I listen to it I envision the pain Troy received when he heard it - the last song he would ever hear!

    letzten Monat
  • Lainapie

    Love this band. Wow I didn't realize this song was older than me!

    März 2014
  • thegreatpretend

    Great song

    Februar 2014
  • lord_of_beer

    young people, I was 14 when this came out. fuckoff

    Januar 2014
  • Heropsychodream

    A song about young people being pissed at religion and how the church "sells the drama." Big ol' dying Jesus at the front of the church gets em to hand over more $$$

    Oktober 2013
  • caromadrigal

    Classic <3. Always loved Ed Kowalczyk.

    August 2013
  • Reemac

    Love this track!!

    August 2012
  • Cordyn


    Juni 2012
  • ViperGuy


    Mai 2012
  • i20254ever


    April 2012
  • giggleloop1

    Ooooh yes!!

    März 2012
  • nopuppet

    i wil, i want...

    Februar 2012
  • Zombiewizardgod

    York, PA is kinda nice this time of year.

    Oktober 2011
  • TschanFarang

    great - amazing - moving

    August 2011
  • vaniorsioli

    Juli 2011
  • lord_of_beer

    I used to play guitar to this album when it first came out. There are other songs that still move me, and this one stil kinda does, but not like it used to. I just got burned out on it over the past god knows how many years.

    April 2011
  • dizzymanrob

    shit this song is awesome....too bad i had no idea till i saw it on here... i had heard it but never pt 2+2 together.... so awesome

    April 2011
  • xSublime21x

    Throwing Copper is one of my favorite albums of all time

    April 2011
  • MissChristinaM


    März 2011


    Januar 2011
  • GrafittyKitty29


    Januar 2011
  • Songman82

    Absolutely awesome song by an absolutely awesome band

    Dezember 2010
  • tonystuff

    good song

    November 2010
  • thedaydreamer92

    Very good song.

    September 2010
  • mvldk666

    love, love, love etc ... ... ... ... ... and love

    September 2010
  • Chines

    old good times

    September 2010
  • Tonip1987

    I Love live, I can only see a slight similarity to REM, I do not like REM so there must be quite a large difference.

    August 2010
  • beau99

    EncouragingSlug: I highly doubt that; "Losing My Religion" is a slang term in Georgia where R.E.M. is from, and basically means 'really, really pissed off'.

    August 2010
  • EncouragingSlug

    Live's take on "Losing My Religion"?

    Juli 2010
  • thirdeyeblinder

    as a little kid I used to sing "Now we won't be late, now we won't be stars like that..." wow.

    Mai 2010
  • peponaso_71

    heyyy , is very similar to REM

    April 2010
  • chingonboltsd

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    April 2010
  • taxideas

    I'm not much for the the band, but I love this song!

    März 2010
  • ostoyuscan

    power full album¡¡¡¡ .. yea¡¡¡

    Februar 2010
  • PhatBasta

    Great song...those where the days when you could listen to the whole album.

    Januar 2010
  • claude_bhallz

    now we won't be raped!

    Januar 2010
  • serenasattar

    i haven't heard this one in a long time. great song!

    Januar 2010
  • rush2000

    Spot on album

    Dezember 2009
  • audiosweet

    What an awesome song and band. Great memories. Classic album!!!

    Dezember 2009
  • shinedownlily

    Das Album kannst du rauf und runter hören, Stimme, Texte, Melodien, Stimmungen....einfach alles perfekt!!!

    November 2009
  • isa_vieira

    Oh God i remember my first love... beautiful song...

    November 2009
  • dreyes03

    Memories... Geez ,miss those days. ❤

    Oktober 2009
  • bmw2002turbo

    cooler Song!!!!!!

    Oktober 2009
  • brentsmith500

    classic. everything else tonight is lame

    Oktober 2009
  • traubster

    Greeeeeeat song.

    Oktober 2009
  • CAVermeer

    Oh I do love Throwing Copper...

    August 2009

    WOW thats a blast from the past, and still a fantastic song. Hey tut i rember.

    August 2009
  • JessLii

    p/ qem ?

    Juli 2009
  • hotsaki

    tut fails :D

    Juli 2009
  • PhatkatNC


    Juli 2009