• My Music Buzz

    24. Jan. 2009, 3:30 von jkwood

    No, I don't mean "buzz" as in "what everyone is talking about", but that natural high, the euphoric, blissful trance that the perfect mellow song invokes in a receptive, chilled mood. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Tonight, it was Space Weaver by Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance.

    Lisa has a haunting alto vocal style and sings frequently in different languages. She has a voice that makes the lyrics unimportant, as the vocals are an instrument, and the most beautiful one.
  • The voices in my head

    26. Mai. 2008, 0:11 von AnnaDraconida

    I suppose I could've come up with a better title (I clearly wanted something more interesting than the usual My favorite singers stuff) but it's late in this corner of ol' Europe and my funny self must be already asleep. Anyway, I'll just write a few words about the singers who are dear to me. They may not be the "best" singers if we look at technique, range etc, but each of them gives something special to me, and they're all unique in some way.

    When is comes to singers, sometimes less is really more. A HUUUGE voice can be just as irritating as a bad one. It all depends on the listener, of course... Being the wonderfully diverse and fucked-up species that we are, each person has a different idea of what's attractive/delicious/pleasant/pretty to look at, and a frequent collision of these different opinions and sets of values is inevitable, regardless of the subject matter. Especially on the Internet...

    To me, they're the best:


  • Lisa Gerrard - The Silver Tree Review

    18. Dez. 2006, 18:02 von undrentide72

    This is actually the second time ive bought a copy of the new album by Lisa Gerrard. First time was the release on Itunes way back in October, via digital download - a format im not 100% happy with.
    Why you ask? Well you pay a couple of pounds (for those of us in the Uk)less but you dont actually get a hard copy of the album, nor are you encouraged to actually make your own personal copy so you can listen to it in any other way apart from via Itunes. A big sting in the tail is i understand stuff bought digitally is encoded at 128 bit, not exactly top sound quality when your actually paying for this stuff. Anyhow this isnt a Itunes debate so ill carry on....
    The reason i bought a hardcopy is a) I actually want a hardcopy, too sit down and listen to the music, look at the artwork, lyrics etc. b) i want to support the artist and c) With the UK edition theres an "exclusive" track.
    Now im not the best review writer so ill try and keep it short and sweet!