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Light of the World


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Light Of The World were originally a forerunner of the late 1970s/early 1980s British jazz-funk movement. The band’s name is taken from the 1974 Kool and the Gang album, Light of Worlds. The band was formed by Breeze McKrieth, Kenny Wellington, Paul Williams , Jean Paul Maunick and David Baptiste.

Original line-up

The band’s original 1978 line up was:

* Kenny Wellington (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, vocals, horn arrangements, producer)

* David ‘Baps’ Baptiste (saxophone, flute, percussion, vocals, arrangements)
* Chris Etienne (percussion)
* Peter ‘Stepper’ Hinds (keyboards)
* Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick (guitar, lead and backing vocals, producer)
* Everton McCalla (drums)
* Neville ‘Breeze’ McKrieth (guitar, lead and backing vocals, producer)
* Paul ‘Tubbs’ Williams (bass, lead and backing vocals)
Various other line-ups and spin-offs

These members also played with the band on their many performances in clubs throughout the UK before securing their first recording contract.

* Norman Walker (percussion)
* Earl Appleton (keyboards)
* Junior King (drums)
* Roger Thomas (saxophone)

The following members joined the line-up in 1979 after the recording of the first album and with the band already signed to Ensign Records/Polygram, following the death of Chris Etienne when the band were in involved in a motorway crash. After auditions Nat Augustin and Ganiyu Bello, who had travelled from Manchester, joined the band. The band recorded a second album followed by a successful tour.




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