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I don’t know exactly when I began my solo-project, but I am fascinated by the idea of creating a synthesis of old and new, folk and metal, for a long time. As I knew few bands, which were really able to let one feel the essence of pagan tales and ancient wisdom, I wanted to try it by myself. So I took my axe and played some songs of my „Great Book Of German Folk Songs“ on it until I was able to feel what all these songs connected with eachother. Then I started to create my own folkloristic sounding melodies. I recorded them, added a hammering double bass and some more traditional instruments and started to write lyrics about occidental myths and now I am concentrating myself especially on the history of the old Saxons. The word „Lifthrasireon“ is a symbiosis of „Lifthrasir“ and „Aeon“. According to the Edda, Lifthrasir is the father of the coming race, which will rise after the Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods. „Aeon“ is a greek word and means „age“. With the name „Lifthrasireon“ and my music I want to conjure up the age of Lifthrasir, the dawn of a new aeon. With my view of music I am representing exactly what will define this new aeon: Lifthrasireon stands for the quest for the musical expression of Teutonic heathendom and beliefs, it transports handed down folkloristic moods by modern metal music and modern instruments. This is representing what the future could look like: a new-aeonic heathendom.



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