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  • darya_crane

    oh my gosh how awesome they are, by far the best post-punk band ever, they remain minimalistic but not primitive. and the voice sometimes reminds me of Morissey for some reason, haha

    Oktober 2013
  • bloody_octopus


    Juli 2013
  • alleinstehend

    I like it!

    Juni 2013
  • Headphase

    i fail to understand how come they aren't known world-wide, such classic sound (2)

    Februar 2012
  • BlackCoffeeDuck

    The greatest band from the 80's full-stop.

    September 2011
  • czerwienruska

    i fail to understand how come they aren't known world-wide, such classic sound

    April 2010
  • surround_me

    easy to get lost in this sound. that groove

    Januar 2010
  • nativewaiter

    I hope they don't spike up anything nasty

    Januar 2010
  • NiteShok

    what a sound!

    Juli 2009
  • oliviascarlet

    Oh my they are so old now..

    Juni 2009
  • princemelon

    There is a free download of a fantastic live version of "eternally yours'' on Laughing Clowns myspace page available via the blog section. <a href=''''> </a>

    Oktober 2008
  • runout_groove

    playing ATP Australia in january curated by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:

    Oktober 2008
  • princemelon

    Fans of Ed Kuepper, Laughing Clowns,The Aints and other Ed Kuepper related musical projects should check out the Prince Melon records myspace site for info on forthcoming and rare Ed Kuepper limited edition releases only avaible at shows and online Prince Melon Records A bit of history on Prince Melon. The label was initially started back in 1980 to release the music of Laughing Clowns [Ed's band after the original Saints split] Kuepper had started his musical career forming Fatal Records [with the other members of the original Saints] to release the Saints first single '[I'm ] Stranded' Prince Melon remained active for a few years in the 1980's releasing a number of Clowns records as well as singles by Out of Nowhere [featuring the talents of Peter Walsh from The Apartments] as well as Hugo Klang [featuring Ollie Olsen] Prince Melon Records is now back with an initial release of three limited edition Ed Kuepper Live, 'bootleg' style documents with more to come including a new Ed Kuepper project 'The Ascension Academy' [more on this soon]

    Juli 2008
  • morningside24

    Hey, join my Ed Kuepper group! Give the great man some recognition.

    Januar 2008