We're Done For! (3:13)

Cover von No Matter Where We Go...!

Aus No Matter Where We Go...!

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Just because I go to punk rock shows and because I play in punk rock bands. it don't mean nothing at all. cause there's still so much i don't know. i do the best i can. and there's still so many things I don't know. Just because you didn't call her a bitch doesn't mean you've questioned your own maleness. we all need to think a bit deeper now. cause your dad told you to. and my dad told me to. and tv told you to. and even your own friends told you to. and on and on and on. coming to you from kids who fuck up. oppressive thinking lives inside you and me. indoctrinated. we always fuck up. we have to challenge who we were taught to be. so please don't talk to me. sitting so high up in your tree. cause theres bullshit in my backyard I can already see

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