• Wrong impressions.

    1. Apr. 2007, 4:54 von gambitt

    I've had a lot of my first impressions proven wrong with a lot of indie artists. I mean, I'd hear the first album by this group, think nothing of it, not understand the praise behind it, then catch on, and then think that it's all niche and immediately prepare to write off a sophomore attempt to get my attention. The usual scenario is a band riding the wave of fame with a stunning debut album but this is definitely not always the case.

    There's this little band you may have heard of that fell prey to that. They released a single and it became a modest hit. They played it on MTV a lot when MTV didn't suck as much and it garnered a lot of attention. Of course, the rest of the album was not a hit and of course the critics took full advantage of that saying that the band was part of an alternative wave that was going to die down and had no lasting power. Not necessarily a great mood to get back into the studio with. But somehow, and this is 1995 now, they release this album where it may not have been the absolute best album of the year…