• Album Review: Mates of State - Re-Arrange Us (2008)

    25. Mai. 2008, 19:51 von andythesaint

    It's not easy to write a happy song. Or at least not a good one, rather than the sort of insipid pablum that fans begin to regret two months after loving it. A large chunk of the best pop music covers the negative end of the emotional spectrum, be it depression, sadness, longing, or anger. Hell, I just described a large chunk of the music on my iPod, even though I'm a pretty happy, well-adjusted guy.

    I bring this up because writing good, happy songs is Mates of State's stock in trade. Husband and wife duo Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner have been making pleasant pop music through five albums since 2000's My Solo Project, maturing from a disorganized, sometimes manic electropop outfit to a more polished indie pop duo. Because their music leans on the happy, mushy side, it has been unfairly maligned of late as twee and MOR, when the truth is that they're being successful in the road less travelled. (Okay, they are undeniably twee, but that's not necessarily a bad thing). …