• 2008 in Retrospect - Albums and Trance Singles

    8. Feb. 2009, 22:38 von sp0623

    The year 2008 threw up a wonderful plethora of some great electronic music albums
    and I, as a trance and ambient lover, didn't miss out on the pleasure of listening to quite a lot of what the genres had to offer last year. Excepting a few disappointments, most of these albums provided me countless hours of joy. Highlights of the year for me weren't only progressive psytrance, chillout or progressive trance albums, but also some excellent, high quality lush techno, dub techno and dance-pop/pop-ambient releases. And on this note, I must add that since 2007, I'm finding myself increasingly drawn towards good EDM albums not just in my usual favourite styles of progressive trance, uplifting trance or ambient, but also in a few other related styles, like techno, idm and minimal, for example. Considering the rather large number (especially compared to previous years) of electronic albums I heard last year (around 80 or so), I've decided to write this journal about my favourite albums of 2008. …
  • A State Of Trance 273

    3. Nov. 2006, 13:40 von adosoba

    A State Of Trance Episode 273 (02-11-2006)
    Armin van Buuren

    01. Baltic Sound - Glimmer
    02. Endless Blue - Salty Waters (DJ Shah's Terrace mix)
    03. Shiloh vs Luke Chable feat. 3 Colours & Hawk - Oz Morning Dust (Chris Chambers bootleg)
    04. Markus Schulz feat. Carrie Skipper - Never be the Same again (Markus Schulz Coldharbour remix)
    05. Eric Prydz - The Dub
    06. Armin vs. Rank 1 feat. Kush - This World is Watching Me
    07. Solar Stone - The Calling (Orkidea remix)

    08. Tenthu - Essencia (Capsula remix)

    09. Andy Moor vs Orkidea - YearZero (Orkidea version)
    10. Aurosonic - Freedome (club mix)

    11. Dave 202 - Torrent

    12. Richard Durand - Slipping Away (original non vocal mix)
    13. Klems - Area 101
    14. Stoneface & Terminal - Another Day (from the 'Earth E.P.')
    15. Lost World - A Life Elsewhere (Martin Roth's Psy remix)
    16. Qursion pres. Internal Front - Pilgrim (Eddie Sender remix)
    17. Airbase - Sinister