Upcoming 2012 Album Title, Track Listing, and Cover Artwork announced!!

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Album title: Autonomy


Track Listing:

1. Rare Earth Elements

2. Pandora's Empty Box

3. Go Ahead and Feel The Pain

4. Disposable Man

5. Swings of All Moods

6. Indonesanity

7. Futuride

8. Playground

9. iComa

10. Space Between Spaces

11. Learning to Love The Future


Total running time: 58:04


"Autonomy" is Kekal's ninth full-length album, and it also marks as the second one being recorded without the presence of official band members. The music on "Autonomy" can be best described as emotionally adventurous and introspective in nature. As dark as it is illuminating, this album will definitely challenge listeners to free themselves from seeing music as a mere entertainment commodity. Simplicity takes the most important role on the album, as it values the most basic and primordial drive to balance life's complexities.


Release date: to be announced, 2012.


Message from Jeff:

"After more than a year since we started working our contributions to this album project, I have to say that I’m very pleased with the results.. Everything went on track, and the whole recording and mixing process even turned out to be quicker than expected.. I’ve finished with the mastering now, and negotiations with a record label is currently underway.. In that matter, no exact release date has been determined just yet.. As for the cover artwork, Levi took many interesting photograph of objects and cityscape only found in today’s urban Jakarta, and they will be on the CD cover to enhance your listening experience.."


Background information from Jeff about the album creation process:

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September 2011 Blog

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