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3. Sep. 2002
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1 Kara - Heart of a Child 2:53 189
2 Kara - Glorify You 3:35 628
3 Kara - Hungry (Falling On My Knees) 4:26 328
4 Kara - We All Bow Down 4:26 2.620
5 Kara - Beautiful Moment 4:11 849
6 Club J - Falling On Me Now 3:54 18
7 Kara - Wash Over Me 4:14 1.126
8 Kara - Sunshine 4:28 2.780
9 Kara - Here I Am 5:00 307
10 Kara - I Love You 4:33 1.290

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  • namyeon

    I'm not sure where the feedback button is so I'll just post it here. I really like this music but it is incorrectly tagged in many areas.... There are many artists named Kara. This Kara is not to be confused with the Korean girls group Kara... Can you please un-tag it or fix it somehow? In my mix radio, one of these songs "sunshine" came up but it had all the pictures of the Korean girls group Kara with it. I was trying to listen to the Korean girls group and not this. I'm glad I accidentally found that song but it should really be fixed because other people were not so thrilled about it... Thank you

    14. Mär. 2011 Antworten