The circumstance of moving a lot between different cities in Germany and Pakistan since his early childhood made Josia familiar with constant change. This lifestyle resulted in a restless, torn and chameleonic character, which is also mirrored in his music.
As Josia Loos is a quite versatile Artist, the type of music he produces is experimental and never the same. It moves between variations of Electro, Techno, Minimal, House and often integrates parts and snipets from completely different genres. As a DJ, Josia plays colorful mixes: loops, bits and pieces from other styles add an exotic spice to his performance. The output: A dirty grooving Bastard.
During 2006 until 2008, best friends Josia Loos and Peter Blass played more than 20 gigs as a duo named monkeybusiness.
At the beginning of 2009, Josia Loos moved to Berlin and founded his own digital-label „chamaeleon-records“ in order to give a home to restless souls as him self and a platform to exciting house- and techno-music with high recognition value.

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