• Josh Pyke at the Gov 2009 - slightly disappointing

    5. Apr. 2009, 12:59 von EncouragingSlug

    Thu 5 Mar – Josh Pyke, Cloud Control, Jackson McClaren

    Just a quicky...

    The support bands were reasonable in quality, but not really my thing.

    Josh Pyke: polished as always, but my high expectations were somewhat let down. It felt like he was going through the motions in some ways. Maybe it was due to such a late start for a weekday gig. He didn't seem to connect with the crowd. I wonder whether this was due to the demographic: the front row looked like a girls' highschool excursion.

    Also, it basically felt like a promotion for his current album: Chimney's Afire, an album I just am not into based on the various tracks I've heard. Despite general acclaim, with various people on last.fm calling it more 'mature', I find it lacks the lyrical sophistication of Memories And Dust.

    The highlight for me was probably Sew My Name, a track that's not normally one of my favs from the album. He mentioned that he played this for a friend's wedding. Maybe that inspired him to give it a little more oomph.
  • Latest + Triple J Top 100

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  • Playlist: "Moving (On)" - Part 1

    10. Mai. 2007, 8:11 von snaptackle

    At first I wanted to use the word peripatetic to describe my playlist, because it sounded cool. Unfortunately it means "itinerent" and "travelling by foot". We are hobos and we are not walking from Australia to the United States, so I suppose it's not truly appropriate. Moving (On) is a better name for it, I think.

    I've been listening to a lot of music lately that reminds me of our move in just 9 short days, so I thought I'd start a series of posts as I form the playlist in my head. I love making playlists - or mixtapes, as us old people know them by - and here's my latest one:

    PLAYLIST: Moving (On)

    1. Josh Pyke Lines On Palms : A song with many messages, one being that your destiny is what you make it, not laid out in front of you for you to stumble along like a zombie, or a sheep. Or maybe, like a zombie sheep.
    2. Modest Mouse Missed the Boat : I see us stranded in the St. Louis airport after having "missed the plane" for our connecting flight.
  • Josh Pyke's Lines On Palms (including Lyrics)

    2. Mai. 2007, 8:28 von snaptackle

    I'm having to work very VERY long days at the moment and I feel like I'm going a bit crazy. This is usually the time that I go deep into an obsessive state with a song, and that's exactly what's happened with Lines On Palms.

    I love this song. It's getting very close to knocking Middle Of The Hill off as my favourite Josh Pyke song. For a start, it has a similar flowing feel to it but at the same time isn't a stream of consciousness like Middle Of The Hill. The music's also great, making it catchy with the excellent lyrics stopping it from becoming repetitive or annoying.

    My favourite part is by far the second verse, with the metaphors about houses for people. I love the imagery of the house above the sea, and of course the "a woman is a warm breath on the back of your neck and a warm belly pressed against yours" line. I just love this whole song! Josh Pyke is without a doubt the best new male musician Australia's seen for many, many years.