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John K. Samson


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John Kristjan Samson is a rock musician from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is a singer-songwriter and currently the frontman of the Canadian indie rock band The Weakerthans. He also played bass in the punk band Propagandhi during the mid-1990s.

Samson is married to Canadian singer-songwriter Christine Fellows.


In 1993, while still a member of Propagandhi, Samson released a fifteen-track solo album on cassette tape, entitled Slips and Tangles. In 1995, six of these songs were featured on a split album shared with the now-defunct punk band Painted Thin. Following the critical success of The Weakerthans, Samson’s side of the split was re-released online by G7 Welcoming Committee as a digital EP in 2006.
In 1995, also while still in Propagandhi, Samson released the song „Letter of Resignation“ on a split with F.Y.P. Although credited to Propagandhi, Samson was the only band member to appear on the song. He later rerecorded „Letter of Resignation“ on The Weakerthans’ debut album, Fallow.
In 2006, he and his wife Christine Fellows recorded This Old House, an album intended as a Christmas gift for friends and family. They eventually released two songs, „Taps Reversed“ and „Good Salvage“, for airplay on CBC Radio 3 in 2007. Fellows and Samson also performed live on the network on March 17, 2007, to mark the final night of the network’s terrestrial simulcast on CBC Radio Two. Both Samson and Fellows also participated in writing and performing music for Clive Holden’s multimedia project Trains of Winnipeg.




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