• Bands I'm proud to have seen live

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  • Lou Reed - Death of a Hero Part 5

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    “I know his songs of the pain and beauty in the world will fill many people with the incredible joy he felt for life” – Laurie Anderson

    “[track artist=Lou Reed]Heavenly Arms[track]” and “[track artist=Lou Reed]Sunday Morning[track]” have been tainted by Lou Reed’s death, but his work in the 1990s comes pre-tainted. Three albums all featuring death, magic and loss. He released three albums in the decade, “Songs For Drella” (with John Cale) about the life of Andy Warhol in tribute to him after his death in 1988, “Magic and Loss” entirely about the deaths of two of Lou Reed’s good friends Doc Pomus and “Rita” from cancer and “Set The Twilight Reeling” which includes a song about the death of Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison.

    I have never listened to “Magic And Loss” before today and in many ways I am glad that I left it til after Lou Reed died because the poignancy of it all is increased with his death on my mind. …
  • Lou Reed - Death of a Hero Part 1

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    "A World Without Heroes... Is Like A World Without The Sun" - Lou Reed from the Kiss album Music From The Elder
    Fitting given the storm.

    "Whatever happened to all those heroes? All those Lou Reedos, he watched his Rome burn"

    Lou Reed 1942-2013

    Lou Reed was one of about two, maybe three people I would ever describe as being a hero of mine. Most of you will probably know him only from two and possibly three cuts from his 1972 solo album Transformer ("Walk on the Wild Side", "Perfect Day" and "Satellite of Love" is the maybe), but it was his work as the leader and founding member of the 1960s experimental (sometimes) and ground breaking (til the end) band The Velvet Underground that made him the legend who shaped virtually all rock music that followed.

    However, he also stands as being the ONLY big name musician to hit his peak in the 1960s to have incredible albums throughout the 1970s and (far more uniquely) the 1980s.
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  • NWW Listened

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  • Best of 2012 Final Cut

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    jasny jasny, zebricky uz jsem psala. nekolikrat. ale jelikoz last.fm povazuju za jedinej relevatni server, tak si to uzavru i tady, i kdyz uz je skoro jaro. s mixtape a sprostejma slovama. a bez diakritiky, takze muj skill "vsemi tremi" je o 3,2 % rychlejsi.

    mixtape | soundtrack | 2012
    20 tracku | 84 minut | 180 mb

    rok 2012 byl super. hodne jsem videla a hodne jsem slysela a hodne z toho, co jsem videla a slysela, se mi libilo. hodne jsem toho nasla a hodne, receno jazykem Mnagy a zdorp, poztracela. ale jelikoz jsem si posunula nektery priority, da se s tim zit. hodne jsem makala a hodne cestovala a mluvila a poslouchala a ted jsem o 3,2 % chytrejsi. prestala jsem vymetat kazdou blbost a skoro jsem prestala pit. teda jako chlastat. tenhle trend pozoruju uz dyl, ale ted jsem to dotahla i na nekolikamesicni abstinenci. jak ukazaly moje tricetiny, ozrat jako prase jsem se nastesti nezapomnela.

    objevila jsem spoustu veci, vetsinou diky Full Moonu, kamaradum, klikani na internetech nebo coverum mejch hrdinu. …
  • 2012: The Year in Music

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    There is a giant ocean of wonderful new music out there. I mostly hang around in the reefs of a few small archipelagos, but I still see quite a bit of interesting stuff. These compilations don't feature all of my favorite tracks. How much I like the artists or albums is not really reflected in the song selections (though I suppose you can tell I love Shearwater and the Tragically Hip). Since I love the form of the album, the tracklists were carefully chosen to have a flow. Let me know if it works for you.

    Make sure to click the text link that says "Click here to start download from SendSpace" and not any of the banner ads.

    Radio KADE 2012: Singles
    OK, maybe you haven't heard all of these on the radio, but you should have.

    01 The Tragically Hip - Now for Plan A - At Transformation
    02 Shearwater - Animal Joy - Breaking the Yearlings
    03 Metric - Synthetica - Youth Without Youth
    04 John Cale - Shifty Adventures... - I Wanna Talk 2 U
  • The 405 Daily Journal // 3rd October 2012

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  • The Old Kind of Summer II

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    v lete se toho moc, krome vseho, co se mohlo i teoreticky vubec nemohlo stat, nestalo. videla jsem par koncertu, business as usual, same nejlepsi kapely na svete, just casual, jak rikam. vzhledem k mymu blocku 29, Full Moonu a novymu portalu Full Moon Director's Cut, kterej az do konce prazdnin bezi v bete, jsem toho pro milovanej zurnal moc nestihla. a pritom, ze? you're going to 6 events and you've been to 463 events in the past.

    prazdniny zacaly stylove s Unsane a Big Business, rodinnym setkanim s Pearl Jam a sokovou terapii s Wovenhand, Baroness museli zafungovat jako naplast za Swans v Berline, na Afghan Whigs jsem se tesila od konce kvetna, kdy jsem se zase zamilovala do Grega Dulliho. vylet z Prague Pride rovnou na Trutnov, protoze John Cale? neni prablem. a co by to bylo leto bez Converge? vsecko tohle jsem nekam psala, protoze grafomanem se clovek nestava, ale rodi. i kdyz ho pak vychovavaj vlci. a tak, pro jedinou relevatni socialni sit…
  • Music again

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    John Cale remained good for a long time. He may still be, though the most recent thing I've heard by him is Black Acetate. I'm a particular fan of Perfect. Recently, I've also been enjoying XTC's In Another Life.

    I guess... no, I don't guess, I know. I know. I know how I feel, right? Do you - no.
    You don't know how I feel. You're a person. You're another person, and... what am I doing?

    I'm doing the easiest job imaginable; I'm talking. How hard could talking be? It's not very hard, I can assure you of that; but I also assure you of one other thing and that's this:
    That I don't know whether my talking is really important and I kno--- I suspect it's not.

    And my little sister didn't leave me any fucking cigarettes because I told her not to. What A Cunt.

    Going go buy more. Can't really do that without money, but. I could sell items from the house. I'm not a fucking heroin addict. I'm not going to play that game. I'm going to stay at home and be an embarrassment to the world without being a druggy.