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Joey Stuckey



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  • macmusicguy

    A collection of 16 tracks cut from longtime career of the blind guitar player and songwriter Joey Stuckey is offered by the album So Far... The musician from Georgia has a long standing career in the music industry..... In Georgia he is considered kind of a legend who received many awards over the past fifteen years. Rock, Blues, psychedelic sound from the sixties reaches you from the speakers. Stuckey is a multi talent which can hardly be categorized – and maybe that is what he wants after all. Listen to Until, The Light That Guides or Take A Walk In The Shadow. A song collection with cuts from four of Stuckey’s previous CDs. His skills on the guitar and his ingenuity when instrumenting his songs make this project a must for all fans of alternative music, miles off today’s mainstream sound. http://www.american-country.ch/cdrev-stuckeyjoey-sofar-english.htm

    24. Jun. 2010 Antworten
  • macmusicguy

    Joe Stuckey,"So Far" (Rga Records) Joe Stuckey plays an emotional mix of blues, rock, pop, jazz and metal. Although he leans pretty heavily on the jazz, rock and blues genres, the other styles are sprinkled throughout for extra added flavor. Very cool stuff. One minute he may sound like Blues Traveler and the next he might sound a bit like Motorhead. He can definitely cover a good majority of the rock spectrum and proceeds to prove it on this album. He’s blessed with a good solid singing voice and is also capable of writing interesting and clever lyrics. Fans of jam bands, southern rock bands, blues bands, heavy rock bands and even ballad hair metal bands will enjoy Stuckey’s latest offering. Check him out. from http://www.earcandymag.com/reviews-0610.htm

    24. Jun. 2010 Antworten