• May 2008 playlist

    28. Mai. 2008, 1:14 von w3stfa11

    In May, I listened to two of my most anticipated albums of the year, Wolf Parade's At Mount Zoomer and Shearwater's Rook. Both are absolutely fantastic. My Now Playing nearly consists entirely of these two albums.

    A few notes for this month's edition. I started listening to The New Pornographers. I'm not a huge fan of indie pop (e.g. of Montreal) but I gave TNP a try because they're touring with Okkervil River. They're decent enough, but I don't see myself wanting to listen to them very much. We'll see though.

    There's news now of a new album for Okkervil River appropriately titled The Stand Ins due to be released in September. There's a good chance it'll include "Shannon Wilsey", "Lost Coastlines", and "Tomb of an Unknown Rocker", all of which are great already. "Unknown Rocker is especially good.

    I discovered Nico last month, but forgot to write about it. She sometimes sounds like the Dresden Dolls vocalist (Yes, I know Nico came much earlier).