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  • jessyrocker

    Love this Music

    letzten Monat
  • jessyrocker

    Cool Music

    letzten Monat
  • Dr_Benway

    I stepped in shit last night, Joan Baez

    März 2015
  • ChristFollower3

    1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

    Februar 2015
  • trendynigga

    Que mulher incrível!

    Dezember 2014
  • wayrams


    Dezember 2014
  • Cocteauholic

    I love her, she looks like an Arab...

    November 2014
  • Melodeh

    If anyone needs new music, Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes are amazing!

    November 2014
  • Zaknafein27

    Her voice is magical

    November 2014
  • Herhules67

    Einfach Kult

    Oktober 2014
  • henrikfelix

    Amo forte <3

    September 2014
  • behindthestars

    I have 2 x front row, centre stage tickets available to see Joan Baez on 21 September at the Royal Festival Hall (London) and am very desperate to sell them to someone who truly wants them. I can no longer make the show. The tickets are at the selling price, £45 each (so £90 total) and you can pick them up directly from the box office. Please let me know what you think. I've asked a few people so it's just first come first served really Thanks x

    September 2014
  • luizamedeirosx

    Queen of hearts. <3

    September 2014
  • Morgantown

    A legend.

    August 2014
  • perezhivem

    чудо женщина.настоящий борец.

    August 2014
  • rOnieAirhead

    The voice from heaven.

    August 2014
  • prttyvisitors

    light of my life

    August 2014
  • Woefud

    dam good

    Juli 2014
  • YasamanSixX

    she is underrated in a very injustice way

    Mai 2014
  • HabitualBigotry

    "Your favorite song. Nicola. Bart. Immigrants, wrongly executed. But their deaths served as a message to others. That ours is a society that murders the innocent. Do you, too, believe your sacrifice will change the world?"

    April 2014
  • radioacrata

    Gran voz, gran personalidad, imprescindible

    März 2014
  • HaHaHaYoureDead

    ох, дать бы а хмадулиной в руки гитару, она бы ее застыдила

    Februar 2014
  • yerbyderby


    Februar 2014
  • BulmaPunkRocker

    Looking forward to take my mom to see the awesome Joan Baez live here in Chile!

    Februar 2014
  • kluk_jako_buk

    Sweet Sir Galahad not in the charts? What?!

    Januar 2014
  • Slim_rafa

    bão a bessa

    Dezember 2013
  • Furashubakku

    I'm really digging her interpretation of Fishing.

    Dezember 2013
  • DukeGloucester


    Oktober 2013
  • headeynyp

    Don't know if they are significantly different bur there is a 'remastered' album here :

    September 2013
  • TheRockers

    I just heard the song Railroad Boy for the first time and it totally blew me away. Amazing song!!

    September 2013
  • tardisa

    Ah essa voz <3

    August 2013
  • katoteshikufu

    OMG! She is beautiful!!!

    Juli 2013
  • AnaCSodre

    Nada melhor que passar a madrugada ouvindo a Joan, *----*

    Juni 2013
  • Who_Scared_You

    @BJBooth "...less acid involved.." LEL

    Juni 2013
  • DrowsyDragon

    One of the great women in music.

    April 2013
  • AnaCSodre


    April 2013
  • top20fanatico

    Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word <3

    März 2013
  • camilatpassatut

    Amazing e sem mais!

    Januar 2013
  • Sebitude

    @BJBooth "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" was written by Anne Bredon (then known as Anne Johannsen) in the late 1950s.

    Januar 2013
  • aag147

    @LucifersMagicHD I believe her debut is a fine place to start.

    Januar 2013
  • mota_boy_punky

    No! Joan Baez didn't write it either. She "stole" it too.The song is much older than that. A blues classic.

    Dezember 2012
  • BJBooth

    Not many people realize that Joan wrote Baby I'm Gonna Leave you in 1962, stolen by Led Zeppelin without any credit given 7 years later. Her version was much more soulful and less acid involved... from her In Concert LP if anyone is curious.

    Dezember 2012
  • Terence_Hill

    in love!

    Dezember 2012
  • zhangdunsuper

    Anti-folk Queen

    Oktober 2012
  • OutOfMyTime


    September 2012
  • PattyPierce

    My queen...

    August 2012
  • celoporto

    Is a shame for the world that Joan Baez has only 450.000 listeners.

    August 2012
  • vahik

    Great voice!

    Juli 2012
  • Pilchard Chops

    Just keep coming back for more, Love Joan so much

    Juli 2012
  • zackbushi

    her voice is so penetrating.just gorgeous.

    Juli 2012