• My Soundtrack to the End of the World

    31. Jan. 2011, 5:30 von Zaktto

    This my soundtrack to the end of the world. This list includes thirteen songs with reasons on why I chose them. It's not meant to be taken seriously. If it reads existential and that offends you, then you may not handle the end of the world very well-- sorry.... Just read it and maybe check out the songs I listed.

    1.If Tomorrow Ever Comes by Cop Shoot Cop

    -- Let's say the world has this huge scare and its only a matter of minutes before we are all tiny particles of space dust. Now, think of every thought that would run through your head, think of the people that matter or have mattered in your life, and then think in only moments you and them, and future generations will no longer exist.... If by chance or possibly a miracle, the world is saved. What will tomorrow be like for you? I don't think it will be easy.

    "Everything was easier when you had your time."

    2. Epitaph by King Crimson
    -- This song is the reason I decided to write this note. This song is the beginning of the end.