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Jeremiah Jae


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Looking at Jeremiah Jae’s studio, a tiny room in his Bridgeport apartment, one is struck by the relative scarcity of recent technology on the room’s low coffee tables. There’s a small synth and a tape deck that looked like it might’ve been copped from Walgreen’s sometime in the mid-’90s. A guitar rests in the corner, and there’s a rusty old pocket cornet that will need some fixing up before it’ll play. The digs are humble, but it’s from this studio that Jeremiah Jae has produced beats that have earned him-at the age of 21-a deal with Los Angeles-based Brainfeeder Records.

His mother sang gospel and his father was a musical director for Miles Davis during the late, jazz-fusion period of Davis’s career. In high school, Jae listened not to hip-hop but to glam rock, and cites Placebo, a British alternative band, as a favorite. Groups like Souls of Mischief and Wu-Tang Clan introduced him to hip-hop, and at that point Jae began rhyming. Together with brothers Tre Smith and Aaron Projeck Butler, he founded a group called the Young Black Preachers, produced YBP’s EP, and continued working on his own projects, while making his own videos and cover art. In 2007, Samiyam, an Ann Arbor-based producer, noticed Jae’s Lunch Special Part I and passed it onto Flying Lotus, the founder of LA’s Brainfeeder record label who had made himself known through his music for Adult Swim’s characteristic program bumpers. A post on Jae’s MySpace wall came first; a private message soon followed. Not long after, Jae was flown to LA to work with FlyLo and was signed to Brainfeeder; his first release, Rappayamatantra, dropped in early 2011.




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