Jatun is Alan Grosvenor (guitar, keys, bass, loops) and Scott Worley (vocals, keys, guitar, laptop). Alan and Scott met in Portland, OR circa ‘04, and started writing the songs that would slowly form into the mish-mash of cables, circuits, ivory and alcohol known as „Jatun.“ They began recording their self-titled debut album in September 2005, and it’s been engineered/mixed by Scott & Alan and mastered by Carl Saff of Saff Engineering.

The first recorded Jatun song was „Ion Crush,“ which was featured in a Nike SB promo video for the Zoom Tre shoe and is also featured on the Signal Snowboards webpage. In the near future, the songs „Ghost and Grey“ and „The Temptation of Joy“ will be used by Norwegian company Helly Hansen, accompanying snowboard and ski team imagery for an upcoming DVD release. Additionally the video clips are being used on the Helly Hansen website as a part of their HHTV program.

Influenced by an expansive range of artists, genres and styles, Alan and Scott have learned to interpret and appreciate sound from a broad perspective. Such open ears have facilitated an understanding of sonic interplay, and acute attention to arrangement and detail. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of quality, vintage gear and a penchant for capturing the resultant noises, they craft music thoroughly and thoughtfully. Lush, enveloping and hyper-textured, Jatun’s songs blanket themselves around your ears and saturate your head with warm and intoxicating, Orange-tinged tones.

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