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  • CrassII

    Found Jason Spooner last year & I love this guy! His lyrics are much better than the formulaic stuff on the radio & he's got a soothing voice... just not enough music!

    September 2013
  • lakeloon

    I discovered this guy last night in Durham, NC. His trio opened for B.B. King. Immediately bought one of the CDs from the souvenir table.

    Juni 2011
  • denaeirene

    I found Jason Spooner by accident and I added practically every song he has available to my library. I've been searching for a certain something... a sound I knew was out there but couldn't find... until now! Everything about these songs are fantastic. Fantastic. Give us more!

    Dezember 2010
  • diamondgrrl

    First of all: AWESOME. Second: The wiki really needs updating. Third: Does this guy not have a Facebook or tour dates? Fourth: Why the heck aren't more people listening?

    November 2010
  • wombat454

    `where's his grammy!

    Mai 2010
  • thewisedragon

    Beautifully brilliant!

    September 2009