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The group originally formed as „Drowned“ in 1996. The members of the band at that time were Dave McPherson on guitar and vocals, Joe Morgan on bass and backing vocals and Simon Taylor on drums. They played several local venues, getting their first interviews and airplay on Brentwood-based station Phoenix FM. They signed with MFN in 2001 and changed their name to „InMe“ to avoid confusion with the American Christian rock group of the same name.

During 2004, however, the record company MFN collapsed and InMe were left without a label. They signed with V2 Records and created their own „Pandora’s Box Records“.

As of the 19 July 2006, Joe Morgan ceased to play bass for InMe. He has been replaced by Dave’s brother Greg McPherson. Joe has chosen to leave the band on good terms and to pursue a different career.

In 2007 InMe agreed a deal with Graphite Records for the release of their Daydream Anonymous album.

Their musical style of simple riffs combined with angst-ridden lyrical material has led many to dub them as ‘nu-metal’, although since they emerged onto the screens of Kerrang! TV shortly after the popularity of this genre had waned and the term had ceased to be applied so widely, the most accurate label for InMe’s music would probably be post-grunge.

In the early days of Overgrown Eden, InMe were labelled by many as ‘nu-metal’, but upon the release of White Butterfly, it became clear that the band had matured. Early performances of tracks off of Daydream Anonymous have suggested to many that InMe may be heading back slightly towards the music heard in Overgrown Eden. It could be argued that InMe’s music style on Daydream Anonymous is more progressive and technical.




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