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In Other Climes


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IN OTHER CLIMES is a mix of European and American metal hardcore in the vein of HATEBREED, CATARACT, MAROON, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, STAMPIN’ GROUND with aggressive guitars, violent mosh parts, crazy drum patterns and strong lyrics delivering a message of hope and strenght.

Formed in 2004 in Nice they record their first demo, in order to play live. The band starts to play in France with bands like NONE SHALL BE SAVED, NINE ELEVEN , SEQUOIA … a new song is recorded for a hardcore compilation (Nawak Posse vol.1) distributed during the summer 2005in several festivals.

Meanwhile, the band is spotted by Customcore Records which gives them the chance to record their first EP “ Sword Of Vengeance ” recorded & mixed by Christian Carvin (DISTURB, ETHS, NSBS,…) and mastered by J.P. Bouquet (THE A.R.R.S, ETHS…) in april 2006. It will be distributed through < Season of Mist on fall 2006.

In 2007, the band starts touring seriously in Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Spain…) Their first EP is quickly „Soldout“ and the label decides to reissue it to satisfy the important demand. This new cd is distributed by Season of mist and Goodlife recordings which allows them to reach new countries like America and Asia. On February 2008, the band is back in studio with Christian Carvin to record their first LP wich is out on fall 2008. The summer following the recording, the band does a 3 weeks tour including 2 weeks in U.S.A and 1 in Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland)

The new album „The final threat“ was released in october followed by a Euro Tour with PAURA (BR) and a split cd with the Japanese band BASQUIAT was realeased at the same time !




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