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Ill Blu


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Def 1 and Jreel form the production duo Ill Blu. They are long time friends from North West London who share a serious passion for the infectious genre of music that is; funky.
Starting out in somewhat slightly different musical roles; (Def1 a rapper, Jreel a producer) working on the hip hop collective G-Fam, they had musical chemistry. It was clear that something great would emerge from their friendship and passion for funky music.

Forming Ill Blu in April 2008, their polished, yet raw sound has taken the UK funky scene by storm. Their first music collaboration produced the massive funky anthem, ‘Frontline’ by Princess. This infectious club banger effortlessly circulated the airwaves. With its underground edge and cross over appeal Frontline quickly garnered regular rotation at both clubs and radio stations up and down the country.

Looking to the future, this really is a space to watch as Ill Blu are working on a few remixes that will be gracing the funky scene soon. Tracks such as; Shysties’ ‘Pull it’, Kris Baya’s, ‘Heartbreaker’ Selah’s ‘Should Have Known’ and Young Nate’s ‘I Wonder’ are a few to watch out for. As well as their work for others, they currently DJ up and down the country at many different funky events which are always a spot never to be missed. They are putting finishing touches on Princess Nyah’s album and are inevitably also putting together their very own album. There is no set date for their album but it is coming sooner than you think.




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