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  • ZebedeeMcDougal

    I'm going to Halifax to thank them for being a port.

    Mai 2014
  • Heemeyer

    most boring music I've ever heard - and this is exactly why I'm loving it so much

    Mai 2013
  • Osc_Dis

    More people need to know about Icebreaker International.

    März 2013
  • fsk-_-

    Man, I saw the album art on Trein Mærsk, and I was like shit this is gonna be awesome, several album listens later and I'm like... that was very, very satisfying. Wonderful record.

    November 2011
  • Space-Warfare

    Man, i saw the album art on Trein Maersk , and i was like shit this is gonna be awesome, one album listen later and im like... wow that was boring.

    Mai 2010
  • stikeymo

    I remember first hearing these guys on a really trippy late night Channel 4 programme which had footage of space flights, satellites, etc, set to music such as this. Awesome stuff. One of my favourite bands that no one else knows about :)

    März 2009
  • Jes73


    Juni 2008
  • carriepants

    Holy shit!

    Oktober 2007
  • et0x

    nice souonds ;)

    Juni 2007
  • emptyflow

    Strange! Unnerving! But quite good anyhow.

    Januar 2007
  • thiskills

    Distant early warning system <3

    November 2006